Ryse Core Series Loaded Protein | 25 Grams Of Protein Per Serving | Whey Isolate & Whey Concentrate | Added MCTs | 2LBS 907g | 27 Servings Per Container (Cinnamon Toast)



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Ryse Core Series Loaded Protein is a unique protein that combines two sources of protein. Ryse Loaded Protein consists mainly of whey protein isolate, but also has whey concentrate as a secondary source. These two sources of protein work together to provide a delicious tasting protein. Ryse Loaded Protein contains a fully transparent label that contains no proprietary blends so that you know exactly what goes into each and every scoop. Ryse Loaded Protein contains 25 grams of of Whey Protein with whey Isolate as its Primary Source. In addition, Ryse Loaded Protein also has added fiber and MCTs, these two additional ingredients add on to an already exceptional protein powder. Ryse Loaded Protein contains only 150 calories per serving with zero grams of added sugar. Ryse Loaded Protein comes in a 2lb / 907 gram container, which provides a total of 27 full servings. Ryse Loaded Protein is an extremely easy to digest protein powder that also tastes amazing. Ryse Loaded Protein is available in a vanilla peanut butter and Chocolate cookie blast flavour.